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Description: DrawMe.com.au hand paints high quality caricatures and portraits. The customer orders online, then submits a photo and description of the theme required. A caricature or portrait is then hand painted and the finished artwork is sent to the customer. There are a choice of standard backgrounds or the customer can opt to have a fully customised caricature completed. The artwork can be sent electronically, as a professional lab print, mounted, framed, or as a canvas...all in various sizes. The portraits are also of an extremely high quality. Pet portraits are also completed

Welcome to the DrawMe.com.au affiliate program.

I produce exceptional high quality caricatures and portraits from photos. The completed artwork is sent to the customer in various finishes including electronic print, professional lab print, framed print, and canvas...and all at various sizes.

The current commission rate is an extremely generous 20% with a basket size averaging approximately $150 for caricatures and over $500 for portraits.

Please feel free to contact me directly for additional marketing materials.

I look forward to working with you.



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(AU$) 20.00% Per SalePet Portraits
We all know that our pets are part of the family. Now you can commission your very own pet portrait from only $39. Just send in a photo and your masterpiece will be created for all to enjoy for generations to come. Order your pet portrait today.
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleCaricatures
Looking for a totally unique gift? Have your very own caricature professionally designed. Just send in your photo, provide a description of the theme required, and your unique masterpiece will be sent to you for all to admire.
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleText 1
(AU$) 20.00% Per SalePortrait Offer
Have your very own photo turned into a masterpiece with this special portrait offer. Only $39 secures your very own unique piece of art. Order today.
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleWedding Caricatures
Forget the toaster...surprise the couple with a totally unique wedding gift. These stunning caricatures have been delighting couples for many years. Now you too can amaze the wedding reception guests with these totally unique caricatures. Order yours today.
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(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleWedding 3
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleWedding 2
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleWedding 1
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleDrawMe - small
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