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Merchant Program: Phone Wear 360 - The Smart Way to Wear Your Phone  View More Information About The Program
Description: We have patented a great new product called Phone Wear 360. We designed it, we make it. It's a device and armband for smartphones and iPods. It's completely unique from what's available on the market today. Our product allows you to wear your phone/ipod and actually use it while you wear it thanks to the 8 position 360 degree rotation that allows you to use your touch screen while you're wearing it on your arm. The product also has an easy lock and release feature to quickly remove the phone from the armand so you can take a call and then quickly slide it back on to the device where it will lock in place securely again. Our product can be used with any smartphone under the max size of the samsung galaxy s5. We also sell variations of our product with phone cases for the most popular phones on the market: iphone 4,5,6 as well as samsung galaxy s3, s4, and s5. Ipod Gen 4 and 5 also have products with cases included.

Our brand new product will make the perfect ift for anyone with a smartphone. Especially those that listen to their music while excercising, or those on the go. Or, even those that just wanna show off their phone.

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