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Description: We sell real everlasting flower and Dandelion jewelry

Welcome to the Dandelion Wish Co. affiliate program! We create unique, handmade jewelry from dandelions, as well as a range of other everlasting flowers, leaves and seeds.

We offer a generous 20% commission on all affiliate sales as well as 90 days cookies, and due to the unique nature of our jewelry, our products are in high demand, making it easy for you to make some extra cash!

As our brand develops and grows we will strive to continually update our program so as to offer the best rewards and incentives to our loyal affiliates.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@dandelionwishco.com with any questions & we look forward to having you on board!


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The Dandelion Wish Co. offers stunning and unique jewelry pieces made form real Dandelion Seeds and Everlasting Flowers. Quality Sterling Silver & Vintage Gold Pieces at very affordable prices. The Dandelion Wish Co. offer same day worldwide shipping and a FREE GIFT with every order over $10. Much Love <3 DandelionWishCo.
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Never stop making wishes.... The Dandelion Wish Co. specializes in unique, handmade jewelry from dandelion seeds, as well as a range of other everlasting flowers. Along with our Dandelion collection, we have a number of other ranges for you to explore including our Everlasting Flowers, Crystal Filled, Sterling Silver and Vintage Gold Collections. All of our items are high quality, very affordable, and come beautifully presented in gift bags. We offer same business day worldwide shipping and combined shipping discounts for multiple purchases. Much Love <3 DandelionWishCo.
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleMain Square 250x250
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleSquare 200x200
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleHorizontal 728x90
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleHorizontal 320x100
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleVertical 300x600
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleSquare 250x250
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleVertical 160x600
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleVertical 120x600
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleVertical 120x300

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