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Merchant Program: Pep Tea Brand Matcha from Opera Foods  View More Information About The Program
Description: Opera Foods is a national Australian distributor of gourmet grocery products wholesale and also sell retail online. Pep Tea Matcha Powder is our own brand and the product is imported direct from Japan. prepackaged in our labels. It is the real deal, high grade Japanese product from the famous Japanese tea gardens of southern Japan. Our Matcha tea is certified organic per the label by the Japanese ministry of Agriculture.

Welcome to our affiliate program.

Opera Foods are a long established Australian Food wholesale distributor that delivers nationally to; grocery retailers, delicatessens, and gourmet grocers. You will find our products in Gourmet Grocers, Harris Farm Markets , About Life stores and IGA stores also.
Our wholefood products are all high quality, barcoded and true to ingredient labels.
NB: Our Commission is payable on New Customers only. (Clix Galore's software in our checkout page measures any previous sales from the same customer)


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(AU$) 20.00% Per SalePep Tea Text 3
Fierce Japanese samurai were known to drink Matcha Green Tea before a fight, due to the tea’s boost to their energy and endurance levels. They didnt drink the cheap stuff. Try true Organic Matcha.
(AU$) 20.00% Per SaleText Matcha Tea
Cancer Sufferers, if you drink Matcha to boost your immune system Drink only the best Matcha Tea
(AU$) 20.00% Per SalePepTea Text 4
Best quality Matcha Green Tea at the best price in Australia. Buy certified organic Matcha direct from the Australia importer.
(AU$) 20.00% Per SalePep Tea Text 2
Antioxidant EGCg, the most widely recognized for its cancer fighting properties, makes up 60% of the catechins in Matcha Green Tea. Buy organic pure Matcha.
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(AU$) 20.00% Per SalePep Tea 250x250
(AU$) 20.00% Per SalePep Tea 150x38
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(AU$) 20.00% Per SalePepTea 250x250 Gif
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