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Merchant Program: Ennia Fashion Lingerie Australia  View More Information About The Program
Description: With Ennia Fashion Lingerie we offer stunning feminine designs, quality assured 100% European lingerie, we supply a wide range of quality made European brand Lingerie! We have an extensive range of Bridal lingerie, Lingerie Sets, Shapewear, Hosiery and Sleepwear. We also supply the very popular range of Axami Lingerie which produces a sensational and sexy range. New customers receive between $20 and $50 off their 1st order plus we offer a very generous Loyalty Rewards program.. We also have a 'Rolling' Buy '3 for the Price of 2' offers available together with Free gift options as well.

A warm welcome to the Ennia Fashion Lingerie Australia Affiliate program. We offer exclusive and stunning collections of fine, quality lingerie all fully imported from Europe and at affordable prices. We match the top French and Italian brands but at much lower prices. We offer all affiliates attractive commission rates and a tiered incentive sales program which starts at 12% and goes up to 15%, we also offer a 90 day cookie!!. Our website supports 4 different currencies and sizing options for these currencies (AUD, USD, GBP and EUR), Each program will need to be joined separately.

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(AU$) 12.00% Per Saleroza_120x240_fixed
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleEnnia Fashion Banner
(AU$) 12.00% Per Salegeneric300x250rotate
(AU$) 12.00% Per Salenew_300x250
(AU$) 12.00% Per Salegeneric300x250-fixed
(AU$) 12.00% Per Saleennia-468x60_new
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(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale$20_off_120x240_Fix
(AU$) 12.00% Per Salenew2_728x90
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(AU$) 12.00% Per Saleennia-xmas-fixed-2
(AU$) 12.00% Per Saleroza_120_240_rotate
(AU$) 12.00% Per Saleennia-xmas-fixed-1
(AU$) 12.00% Per Saleennia-764x250
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale$20_off_fixed250x250
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleHome_promo_120x240_1
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleHome_plus_120x240_1
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale160x600fixed-ilisha2
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale160x600-fixed-hannah
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale160x600_fixed_aphrod
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x90-leavers-logo
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x90-ilisha
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x90-anna
(AU$) 12.00% Per Saleennia-sale120x90.gif
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x240plus-rhapsody
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x240-sara-fixed
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x240-plus-sizes
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale468x60-fixed
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x90-fixed
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x60-rotate
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale$20_off468x60_fixed
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale$20_off468x60_rotate
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale250x250_$20_fixed
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale$20off-rotate250x250
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale150x38-rotate
(AU$) 12.00% Per Salefixed120x600
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x600_rotate
(AU$) 12.00% Per Saleennia120x600rotate
(AU$) 12.00% Per Salerotate_all_120x240
(AU$) 12.00% Per Sale120x240-rotation

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