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Vodafone Australia
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Commission Rate: (AU$) 100.00% Per Sale
Website Description Vodafone

Vodafone Australia is one of Australia’s largest mobile phone and internet providers. It provides 3G coverage to 94 per cent of Australians, giving consumers and business affordable access to innovative 3G services, such as internet and email on their mobile phone, or laptop and tablet via Vodafone Mobile Broadband, on-the-move.

Vodafone helps you go online your way.

Create a wireless hotspot for your tablet, iPad, laptop, desktop, phone or gaming console with a Vodafone Mobile Broadband plan. Vodafone has a range of internet solutions including flexible data plans and portable modem devices for one connection or many.

Golfers are fitted online using our custom fitting system. We accurately recommend the correct flex, grip size and golf shaft length for their game according to their specific measurements.
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Product Specific Commission Rates
The Merchant is paying the following commission if these specific products are purchased
Product CodeDescriptionCommission
POSTBBBroadband Contract Plan AU$84.00
POSTXBBMonth to month broadband [50% of first month cost] 50.00%
PPPrepaid phone <$100 [40% of total phone cost] 40.00%
PREBBPre-paid broadband [40% of device cost] 40.00%
Prepaid handsetPrepaid phone $100+ [15% of total phone cost] 15.00%
Prepaid MBBPre-paid broadband [40% of first month cost] 40.00%
SIMSIM only [50% of first month cost] 50.00%
STDPhone Contract Plan AU$100.00