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Description: Test, Treat, Prevent. Genepath offers the NextGen Test; a life-saving health screen test for all ages, including newborns and children for $299. For the price of a baby stroller or child car seat, parents can protect their child's future against serious medical conditions. NextGen Test covers over 50 serious medical conditions. The simple DIY test includes a mouth swab kit that is mailed to users and back to the lab in a pre-paid package. Genepath specialists work closely with user's doctors and health professionals to offer users the best care. Genepath's test is the world's first in using the latest Next-Generation DNA sequencing technology. It is professionally accredited by RCPA and NATA and is proudly supported by the NSW Government of Australia.

Welcome to Genepath's affiliate program.

Offering the best payout for a life-saving health test suited for newborns, children and adults.

The product is currently available for a limited time offer of $299 (was $495).

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, an individual's health and well-being are paramount. NextGen Test safeguards children's life by identifying treatable inherited medical conditions for early treatment towards a healthier future.


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AU$100.00 Per SaleSafeguard_txt
Safeguard Your Child's Life with NEXTGEN Health Test. Detect for Treatable; Hidden, Inherited Diseases With Early Treatment. Order Online for $299. (was $495)
AU$100.00 Per SaleChild At Risk?
Is Your Child At Risk? Protect Your Child from Serious Hidden Inherited Diseases Early with NextGenTest. Supported by NSW Gov. Aust. Buy Online $299 (was $495)
AU$100.00 Per SaleHow Healthy Is Your
How Healthy Is Your Kid? Aussie parents are safeguarding their kids from hidden, inherited diseases with a $299 NextGen Test to prevent death, seizure and intellectual disability.
AU$100.00 Per SaleFood Some Kids Must
Food Some Kids Must Avoid. Aussie parents can now check their kids for hidden inherited diseases with a $299 NextGen Test. Proudly Supported By NSW Gov. Aust.
AU$100.00 Per SaleSafeguard2_txt
Safeguard Your Child's Life by Detecting Over 50 Treatable, Serious Diseases Today. Supported by NSW Gov. Australia. Order Online for $299 (was $495)
AU$100.00 Per SaleParents1_txt
Do You Know If Your Child Is At Risk? $299 NextGen Is A Simple Lifesaving Health Test That Detects over 50 Hidden Deadly Diseases In Your Child. Proudly Supported by NSW Gov. Aust.
AU$100.00 Per SaleAU First_txt
Australia's 1st Comprehensive DIY Children Health Test That Detects Over 50 Serious Treatable Diseases.
AU$100.00 Per SaleSafeguard 468x60
AU$100.00 Per SaleSafeguard 150x38
AU$100.00 Per SaleSafeguard 250x250

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