Affiliate marketing is internet marketing that allows websites to share traffic and revenue using banner and text advertisements. Merchants who sell goods and services online pay commissions to website owners (Affiliates) for sending traffic to their site. Affiliates can earn and are paid commissions when one of the following events occur:

Cost Per Sale (CPA)
A visitor referred by the Affiliate purchases goods and services from the Merchant. This payment structure is referred to as - cost-per-sale or cost per acquisition (CPA).
Cost Per Lead (CPL)
A visitor referred by the Affiliate completes a form on the Merchants website. This payment structure is referred to as - cost per lead (CPL).
Cost Per Click (CPC)

A visitor to the Affiliates website clicks on a Merchant's banner and visits the Merchant's website. This payment structure is referred to as - cost per click (CPC).

How Can clixGalore Drive Customers To My Website?
clixGalore is a large affiliate network comprising of over 7500+ Merchants and many ten of thousands of Affiliates across our five networks in the USA, UK, Japan, Australia and India: , , , and clixGalore is a global provider of 'pay for performance' internet advertising solutions for online business Merchants. This year we anticipate to serve over 3.5 billion advertisments and drive over 80 million potential customers to our Merchant's websites. clixGalore drives customers and traffic based on the 'pay for performance' pricing model. This means that Merchants pay only when a person makes a purchase, completes a lead form or clicks on a banner. This flexibility provides Merchants with a cost effective promotions model to attract targeted, high quality customers. For Merchants seeking trackable results, clixGalore is a internet advertising provider that delivers cost effective solutions using a combination of 'pay for results only' pricing and advanced targeting capabilities.

For Merchants seeking trackable results, clixGalore provides comprehensive management and advanced graphic reporting tools, coupled with state of the art tracking technology that allows you to take full control of your program whilst it rapidly grows with little or no maintenance.

Below are examples of just some of the 'real time' management reports provided. (Please note the images have been reduced in size by 50%).

Merchants - Affiliate marketing is a excellent way to build a large online sales team and drive customers to your website on a 'pay for performance' basis. As a Merchant you can build your own pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead or pay-per-click Affiliate program and use graphic, text and custom HTML/Flash advertisements to promote and drive customers to your website. Affiliates will join your program and display your advertisements on their websites, sending customers and traffic back to your site. All the Affiliate programs you build are free and provide you with comprehensive online management and sale reporting tools, so that you can track your sales, impressions and the customer traffic reaching your website. You have full control over your Affiliate program, what country your traffic comes from and which Affiliates promote your program. You also have complete control over the rate paid for each sale(cpa), lead(cpl), click(cpc) or the display of one thousand of your banners(cpm). You may also choose to use our additional promotional service ensuring that your program reaches a very wide and large US, European, Asian or Australian based customer audience.

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Affiliates - Affiliate marketing allows you to earn high income from your website while providing related services to your visitors.You can start earning money today with your website by joining one of the thousands of Affiliate programs located on this site. Many online businesses offer Affiliate programs as a way of generating sales and traffic for their online businesses. These companies will pay you high commissions based on the traffic they receive from advertisements you place on your site. You can choose from pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, pay-per-click or pay-per-display Affiliate programs. All the listed programs are free to join and provide you with online statistics so that you can track your commissions. Once you have joined an Affiliate program, you will be paid according to the programs pay type. (i.e.) a pay-per-sale program pays you each time a sale is made by a customer sent from your website; a pay-per-lead programs pays you each time you forward a lead to the Merchant; a pay-per-click program pays each time an advertisement is clicked and pay-per-display of 1000 of a merchants banners(cpm). clixGalore will send you a monthly check each time your commission reaches US$50 or £35 or €60 or AU$100

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